EcoTech Visions - A green business incubator for sustainable and ethical companies. Headquartered in Miami, FL.

EcoTech Visions

EcoTech Visions

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On the enterprise side, we provide rented co-working space (rent a place to live). Our locations will be primarily automated via the ETV App to monitor access and control most of the services provided, keeping overhead and headcount low.

Fab Lab

We provide rented fab-lab space and machine time to prototype products through shared equipment, lowering the barrier to entry for early stage companies. Once prototyped we offer in house manufacturing and distribution at scale (a place to work).


Ecotech Visions provides a platform as a service for distributive smart manufacturing. ETV is a blend of physical locations for design, manufacturing and distribution as well as a virtual marketplace and community for procurement of raw material, purchase order acquisitions and retail purchases. Our platform provides a place to live, work and sell for other companies.

Our virtual platform is a two sided subscription based model; one side servicing the B2B procurement component and the other side giving our enterprise customers access to end user consumers of their goods.