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Organic. Vegan. Kind. Ethical. An ancient healing remedy the jungles of West Africa.


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POWER BALM is our cult skincare saviour + ancient healing remedy from the jungles of West Africa.

With higher levels of vitamins A & E than any other plant based oil, our Red Palm is the most sustainable palm oil in the world, ensuring full traceability from soil to skin.

Chocked full of naturally occurring ceramides, squalene, free radical fighting antioxidants, fatty acids.

This infinite-use Red Palm golden balm helps to heal and protect while providing ultimate hydration. Tame brows, beards + hair, moisturise dry skin, nourish cuticles, brighten tattoos, use as a lip balm and much more.

Best for: normal to dry skin

Texture: thick + luxurious

Aromatherapy Scent: Mandarin + Lavender + Frankincense

Truly Fair Trade Beauty

Thanks to 43 female farmers in Ghana, we have the world’s most sustainable palm oil.
Kind to the planet, kind to people, kind to your skin.
Palm is indigenous to West Africa and has been cherished as a superfood skin saviour for thousands of years.


From the jungles of West Africa to our kitchen in Kent we created a unique skincare line that is kind to skin, and just as kind to the planet.

With unique skincare benefits, our business is focused on social and female empowerment as well as protecting our ecosystems.

Our mission is to prove that skincare can be not only sustainable but also traceable.

Forty-three women, who are land-owning entrepreneurs, contribute to our super sustainable palm oil supply which is processed at our mill in West Africa. The vibrant and fresh palm kernels are picked by Ghanaian women.