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Zero Waste, Biodegradable, All Natural 4-in-1, Shampoo Bars



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Vegan Kickass Lemongrass Round

This is an even more conditioning, even more badass version of our regular Kickass Lemongrass shower bar.

With rich, exotic oils like Kokum Butter and Jojoba Oil, we pack a punch of extra conditioning with entirely plant-based ingredients.
Take Thoughtfully Clean to another level.Benefits:
Tea Tree + Lemongrass promote healthy scalp and hair
Henna (non-coloring) provides extra conditioning boost.
Richly Conditioning with Shea Butter, Kokum Butter and Jojoba oil.

Kickass Lemongrass Bar

For the days when you need to feel the force of nature is on your side.

This is the best natural cleansing product that I have ever found! Absolutely worth every penny! -- Erin Bodiford Owens

Our most conditioning bar, Kickass Lemongrass is the Redbudsuds workhorse. Great for normal, oily and dry skin, scalps and hair (thanks to balancing essential oils lemongrass and rosemary). Tea tree oil adds an extra punch.


We set out to do environmental advocacy and ended up making soap. Scratch that... not just soap. We make 4-in-1 shower bars to help you simplify, connect and protect this beautiful world we share.

Why shower bars?

Less is more. 4-in-1 means shampoo, conditioner, body and shave soap, all in one.
Thoughtfully clean. Our shower bars eliminate: preservatives, parabens, phthalates, plastic packaging, trips to the recycling bin, and messes in your shower, suitcase or backpack. Ingredients you can trust. We use only recognizable organic and local ingredients. Unlike most soap, you'll never see palm oil in our products. Made in Ohio, we opt for a local, sustainably-produced alternative: pure lard! Just like grandma's recipe.

Benefits from plants. Rich conditioning from ingredients like fair trade shea butter and castor oil provide a thick, irresistible lather that's great for your skin and scalp without all the synthetic surfactants in conventional products. All our scents are made from essential oils. It's the real deal!
Mess-free delivery. With a Shoofah®, (a loofah bag for your bar), every bar becomes soap-on-a-rope. It's a game-changer!