11 Best Organic & Natural Skincare Brands - Part 1

Expanding your skincare collection can be a headache, with such a wide range of products and brands it’s difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re looking to shop with a sustainable skincare brand.

We want to make that process a little bit easier, so here is a collection of the 11 best organic, sustainable, and natural skincare brands.

Fufluns Foods

Ships to US, Canada, Mexico, & Some Parts of Europe.

Flufluns Foods was created by an environmentally focused, health-conscious, supply chain expert who was sick of seeing misleading big business’ positions on our planet. They became determined to offer discerning consumers natural, vegan, supplements of uncompromising quality, alongside a positive social and environmental impact. Flufuns is also one of the only Demeter certified biodynamic CBD oils in the world, offering the full spectrum of CBD oils rarely found in other skincare brands.

Their products are extracted using a 500-year-old artisanal method to separate, purify and reunite the soul, body, and spirit of the plant/fungi, that are sourced domestically. Donating 1% of their revenue to the planet, sourcing locally, and recycling diligently, FluFluns is the perfect skincare brand for conscious consumers.

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Gypsy Secrets

Ships to the US, Canada, & Europe.

Discover natural, organic, and plastic-free skincare products at Gypsy Secrets, a brand that combines raw, exotic ingredients and celebrates ancient beauty rituals from around the world. Each product tells a culture’s unique story within the ingredients, ritual, and sensory experience.

Inspired by the founder’s love of cultural traditions, rich history, and global travels, this luxury skincare brand is committed to providing pure and effective, sustainably sourced, toxin-free products for all skin types.

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The Kind Planet Company

Ships to the UK & Mainland Europe.

From the jungles of West Africa to a kitchen in Kent, The Kind Planet Company was determined to create a unique skincare line that is just as kind to the planet as it is to the skin. With a business focused on social and female empowerment and protecting our ecosystems, this brand is determined to prove skincare can not only be sustainable but also traceable.

Supplied by forty-three, land-owning female entrepreneurs in West Africa, with fresh palm kernels picked by Ghanaian women, this brand is big on fair-living wages for everyone, alongside healthy living soils and biodiversity for all species. By buying only from Africa they guarantee no rainforests have been cleared or habitats destroyed for the skincare products.

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Temple de Luna

Ships to the UK, Europe, US, Canda.

A small-batch, natural cosmetic company based in Scotland, Temple de Luna’s products are all handmade with care and loving intentions, using plant-based, natural ingredients, ethically sourced and of the utmost quality.

All products are created with our environment and planet in mind, striving to be environmental in every step of the way. These vegan and cruelty-free products are anhydrous (meaning none of the formulas contains water) with self-preserving ingredients, making them much more stable which means all products can be created without harsh chemicals or preservatives.

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Handsome Bee

Worldwide Shipping:

A range of men’s face and beard oils, crafted with ingredients sourced from family farms and packaged in aluminium bottles, Handsome Bee is determined to create amazing products whilst saving bees, typically saving 1,000 bees for every bottle sold.

Sourcing cold-pressed and organic coconut, jojoba and olive oils from family farms in Arizona, California, and Mexico, alongside unrefined and pure essential oils, full of vitamins A, B, E, D, and K, all of Handsome Bee’s products are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, analgesic, hypoallergenic, and anti-inflammatory.

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Ships to US & Canada Only.

Meant is a brand that is crafted to work as hard as you do, multitasking with less so you can do more. These multipurpose body care products are here to nourish your skin and simplify your routines, made with natural, organic, and certified ingredients; these products are uncompromising, and gender-inclusive for all.

With a strong belief in the Gold Rule, Meant’s bottles and tubes are recyclable, containing up to 50% post-consumer materials. Their printed packaging uses up to 80% of post-consumer recycle