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Note from our founder




Chiara x

I started Kind Alternatives because I have faith in humanity. I’m confident that most people care about climate change, that it’s raining plastic in the US (literally), that millions of people are imminently going to be displaced climate refugees because their homes will be underwater, that the bees are dying in droves. And the myriad of other profoundly heartbreaking and bleak circumstances that plague our world today. People want to do better. So many of us simply don’t know how, and feel helpless, and feel that these global issues are too grand of a dilemma for us to be capable of doing anything impactful. 


We have learned from history, real change happens when we rise together. Revolutions have occurred, whole governments overthrown, genocides ended and paradigm shifts manifested, all because we unified. If we all, one by one, begin voting with our money. Show corporations and governments that we do actually care about who makes our clothes, how that person is treated, that they’re paid a living wage, that we forbid our hard-earned money from being invested in a corporation that dumps their toxic waste in under-resourced developing communities - no matter how far away they are - then they will surely meet our demand. 


Kind Alternatives provides a doorway to a lifestyle change. By shopping with sustainable and ethical companies instead of mass retailers, you are voting for humanity, equality, fair wages, and preservation of our Mother Earth. The discounts we provide are not meant to encourage unnecessary consumption. The discounts we provide make sustainable shopping more accessible and affordable.


Whether or not you become a member with us, I lovingly implore you to create even small changes in your life because they are so much greater than you think. By doing so, that could be one less straw that gets stuck in a sea turtle’s nose, and one more company that decides to pay and treat their workers fairly. And your habits will inspire and influence those around you. Whether or not you can actually see the difference it makes - know that a difference has been made.


I sincerely hope you and all of your loved ones are healthy, happy, and fulfilled. I am so grateful to you for taking time out of your busy day to visit us. Thank you.


With all the love in my heart,

Chiara x