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Our Mission 

Our Mission 

Our Mission 




We support businesses that provide positively life-changing resources, opportunities, and/or fair trade to people in developing communities while preserving the Earth.

We are focused on impacting 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by making fair and ethical shopping more accessible.

Our Goals


Our greatest goal is to transform mass consumerism into conscious consumerism and hopefully sooner rather than later- sustainable consumerism- by inspiring people to live consciously in every aspect of their lives, including where and with whom they spend their money; everything from what they eat, what they wear, where they go, etc.  When you spend your money, you're making a statement and voting for something: when you purchase products that are made in such a way that people (often whole communities), and the Earth are exploited, whether you want to or not, you are telling major corporations and world leaders, "I don't care how this was made."  However, when you instead make purchases that are biodynamic, organic, fair trade, zero waste, etc. you are making a powerful statement that says, "I do care, and I want products and services that are ethical and sustainable." 

Unfortunately, there are so many prevalent misconceptions: "Organic is more expensive," or that if you live sustainably you'll be able to wear nothing but hemp or burlap sacks and that patchouli oil is the only perfume you can wear.  In order to help dispel this,  we are introducing to you the highest-rated, most innovative companies that provide the most delicious, fashionable, elegant, original, high-quality products and services- the best part- they are KIND: ethical and sustainable. 


Additionally, as you will notice, they are fairly priced. Many of them are priced equally or even less than mass retailers and in the instances where they may be more expensive, you can rest assured that this is because they use high-quality ingredients/materials, pay their employees fairly, and work with manufacturers that pay their employees fairly, and/or also pay their artisans fairly. In order to make shopping sustainably more accessible and introduce and encourage our members to shop with these extraordinary companies that are making this world a better place, we have collaborated with them to create these exclusive offers and discounts. 

We also want you to know that the mass majority of the companies we work with to provide you these incredible discounts offer products and services that are ethically produced, ecologically-conscious, sustainable companies. Additionally, we aim to promote a minimum of 80% small-medium sized businesses which will not only guarantee you highly original, thoughtfully made products but you will also be supporting people and families that put their heart and souls into what they do. Thus, you make the world a bit brighter for all those involved. 

We also donate a minimum of 1% of all profits to our nonprofit partners with 1% For The Planet to better help heal the Earth and support developing communities.



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