How does it work?


Experience the Kind Alternatives promise: 

100% of our partners are ethical & sustainable companies and/or artisans.

Our offer codes work 100% of the time because we have collaborated directly with our brand partners to provide you these offers.

We make it easy to shop with ethically-minded businesses, by giving you access to exclusive discounts for a small fee each month. 

By choosing to shop with businesses who are doing good things, you are directly changing consumer behaviour.


Together, we can change the way major corporations work by showing them that we do care. What we want, is products and services that support developing communities and preserve the Earth, instead of exploiting them.

Currency symbols on brand pages indicate their price point and geographical location.


Although many of our brands ship worldwide, we urge our members to shop locally where possible. This is why we have both a UK website and a US website and look forward to welcoming further regional brands onto our platform as our community grows.


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