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We create 100% plant based soy pure essential oil candles and apothecary.

Scry Halo Soy & Pure Essential Oil Candle

Halo [Circle of Light, Holy, Sacred] Burn to: Protect. Halo to release the powerful aura of protection. Black Pepper cleanses the space and spirit, purifying, casting out unwanted energies.

Sandlewood and Grapefruit awakens, energisers and prepares the soul for its ritual of renewal. The Master Healer, its light illuminating all that is good. Reinstating clarity. Banishing Shadow.

Scent notes: Angels linen. 100% Soy & Essential Oil Candle. Burn times 180ml 35-40hrs.

Scry Soy Affirmation Melts Sunday

A blended collection of Soy Wax Melts in our amber apothecary Jar. All blends available. Our Magick melts are carefully curated to bring you what you spiritually and physically need. Each melt has a burn time of approx 4 hrs. Don't be tempted to re-light your wax more than the power of 2. Once you have lit each melt x 2 it's time to refresh and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way - refuse not sink. All our melts are 100% soy and pure natural and organic essential oils. Vegan friendly and packaged in environmentally positive amber apothecary jar.


We create 100% plant based soy wax and pure essential oil therapy candles and apothecary. Synergistically blending we carefully curate using only Earths oils to banish, bring, find, lose and gain. Our candles, melts and oils are vegan, our labels recycled paper, our glass amber jars, reusable and recyclable.

Each of our 9 aromatherapy blends, Nyx, Sunday, Eos, Selene, Cast, Eden, North, Santa Ana and Halo has a different purpose. One will slay the day and banish whilst you sleep (Nyx) one achieves the impossible (Santa Ana) whilst (Cast) is our weighted blanket, casting away what no longer serves.

Our labels are 100% recycled paper, our glass amber jars are recycleable ad or reusuable.