Produce Mate

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-Longer Lasting Fruits and Vegetables-
Our award-winning antimicrobial kitchen mat fights food waste, saves you money, and does right by the planet.

Produce Mate

The world's first antimicrobial kitchen mat.
Tough on food waste, easy on your wallet.

Simply place one in the fridge or on the counter top, load produce on top, and we'll handle the rest! Every year, Produce Mate saves the average family $300 and keeps 30+lbs of food out of the landfill.

Proven Results

Our proprietary blend of antimicrobial minerals fight food-wasting bacteria at the source, saving your family $300 a year
Unlike our competitors, Produce Mate doesn’t require constant replacement and lasts 2+ years
Cutting down on food waste directly combats climate change
Plus we give 1% of profits to leading eco-charities

Thin and flexible with cut-to-fit lines to adapt to any drawer, bowl, nook or cranny.

Our proprietary blend of antibacterial minerals stops bacteria in its tracks, saving your family $300 a year

Produce Mate pays for itself 10x in the first year alone and requires 0 maintenance besides regular cleaning


Produce Mate is the world’s first antimicrobial silicone kitchen mat designed to extend the life of fruits and vegetables. Simply place one on the counter top, or in the crisper drawer of your fridge, load produce on top, and our mats fight spoilage-causing bacteria at its source. We’re a mission driven start-up doing our part to help reduce household food waste and its massive impact on our planet. Our customers can save $300 a year by saving produce that would have otherwise gone to waste!
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