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PB TwentyFive provides massage wax and oils that are 100% natural

Women's Body Massage Oil and Massage wax

Our massage oil and massage wax for women have been perfectly blended for females. Carefully selected essential oils have are used to help restore the balance. They have a beautiful fragrance and gives a lovely massage. It includes cypress (calming), clary sage (improves concentration), ylang ylang (anti-depressant), palmarosa (reduces anxiety).

Relaxing massage oil

Handmade with 100% natural ingredients, each oil is made in small batches so that it arrives to you in the freshest condition. We don't have them produced in a factory and then sitting on the shelf for months.


Our manufacturing premises have 16 solar panels on the roof, helping us reduce electricity and carbon emissions. On a nice sunny day we are capable of producing ca. 25KW of energy, some of which we use, some of which goes back into the National Grid. Our products are used by industry expert physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists. We use only the best ingredients available and our orders are made up fresh. 100% Plastic Free
All our product packaging is 100% recyclable
All packaging used for posting our products is 100% recyclable.