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Crystal-Infused, Natural, Vegan, Handmade Candles, Incense, & Teas

Merek Candle

Inspired by the healing properties of nature, our candles incorporate aromatherapy with healing crystals to create a balance of earthly energy. Our Merak candle has been created using elements designed to promote self-awareness and boost well-being, dispersing a flow of independent love throughout your environment and mind.

Merak Loose Incense

Loose incense is a powerful, balancing combination of sacred herbs for use in cleansing and purifying objects, your environment and yourself. Our Merak blend uses herbs that will create a loving space free of negative energy, to empower your mind and attract what you desire.

Our smoke free, odourless charcoal tablets are made from timber cut from fruit trees. The process ensures no tree is cut down and there remains a sustainable supply of timber.

Loose incense also comes with a stick of Palo Santo wood and a wand of Selenite. Each of these items compliment the incense, and the three combined bring a fully balanced energy to the space surrounding them.


L’Haie Apothecary was created with the belief in nature as the ultimate healer for mind, body and soul. Each product was, and is, consciously and sustainably designed to reconnect with nature and most importantly, reconnect with ourselves. Our natural, vegan products are handmade and small batch, with a new range released each equinox and solstice.