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Natural, Plastic-Free, & Gorgeously Scented Clothing Care Products

Signature eco washing detergent

No. 2 Signature Eco Wash is a lovely mineral-based detergent. It is a non-biological formula which is gentle, effective at stain removal, and free from toxins and harsh chemicals. It is perfect for use at low temperatures and has a blissfully refreshing fragrance. Even better, it is packaged in 100% aluminium, with a compostable label, so you can save the planet while you save your clothes.

Eco wash for cashmere and wool

Nourish and protect your knitwear. Cashmere and wool are delicate natural fabrics that deserve special treatment (as we all do from time to time). No 3 extends the life of your cashmere and wool garments by gentle cleaning, renewing, and softening. It is beautifully scented with real natural essences of sandalwood and patchouli, leaving garments wonderfully refreshed and also naturally protected from clothes moths.


We believe that every new garment should be a friend for life, not a one hit wonder. With our wonderful team of skilled seamstresses, and our range of natural, plastic-free and gorgeously fragranced clothing care products, we give you the tools you need to join the revolution and embrace a more sustainable wardrobe.