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Jumbo Coconut Bowls

Jumbo Coconut Bowl (750ml approx)
Food safe (hot & cold)
Eco-friendly & Sustainable
100% Natural & Organic
Made in Vietnam
Reusable & Durable
SGS Certified
All of our bowls are 100% organic, plucked and crafted by hand by local artisans and originate in Vietnam. They are eco & fair trade certified and their harvesting from start to finish has an incredibly low impact on the environment as no machinery is involved. While our Coconut Bowls are finished with a mix of linseed & coconut oil and food ready on the inside, they are un-sanded and un-polished on the outside leaving them with the original natural and rustic finish that mother nature intended...
Our Jumbo Coconut bowls are quite literally gifts from nature, handcrafted from real coconuts that are discarded as waste. Through purchasing this product, you not only save a coconut but help the environment and support a Vietnamese artisan community.

There is an inevitable variability in these eco-friendly bowls when it comes to shapes and sizes, but all Jumbo Coconut Bowls are guaranteed 700ml+, perfect for your morning porridge or acai bowls, big salads, pastas and buddha bowls.

Bamboo Mugs

Bamboo Mugs. Food safe (hot & cold). Eco-friendly & Sustainable. 100% Natural & Organic. Reusable & Durable. SGS Certified


Bambúnut is a zero waste brand and movement supporting a healthier and more conscious way of living, both for people and our planet. Our exclusively 100% organic & natural COCONUT & BAMBOO products are created by nature and crafted by hand,

Working closely with our team of local artisans in the tropical climes of Vietnam's Mekong River Delta, with bundles of love we have developed a range of green, organic & sustainably sourced products for the whole family, as we contribute to make this world a better place for the generations to come.