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Mandala Cork Yoga Mat

Our mandala cork yoga mat is uniquely designed to provide optimal comfort with every use, while ensuring that you maintain the proper form with every movement. We use high quality recycled, natural cork and rubber on the top layer to provide each user with comfort and protection throughout their yoga or pilates session. The bottom layer is padded with recycled rubber to provide extra support and to ensure a non-slip surface with every use.

Livity Cork Yoga Block

Don’t settle for the traditional yoga block made from machine-made rubber and other plastics. Instead, go with the eco-friendly option made from 100% renewable cork. The Livity yoga block is designed to provide each user with maximum usability, while offering a human-safe, Earth-safe solution.


Livity was founded by a passionate, driven person who witnessed at a young age just how devastating the effects of climate change can be. An avid yoga enthusiast, our founder worked to establish a new yoga lifestyle brand that would focus on the health and wellness of the self, in addition to the health and wellness of the environment. At Livity, we care not only about creating the best performing sustainable yoga products but also playing a part protecting the environment. That’s why for every product sold, we give back 3% of sales non-profit organizations that protect our oceans and environment. We also package all of our products in 100% recyclable cardboard and kraft paper. It’s not just about offering better products, but also about creating a better world.