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At VIRTUE, we know a good cup of tea. It contains the freshest flavours from around the world, made with only the finest organic ingredients nestled inside plastic-free tea bags, and shipped in recyclable and compostable packaging.

We're all in this together!

VIRTUE Artisan Tea, it’s exquisite taste, steeped in virtue.

Virtue Tea

Virtue Tea

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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea powder Bright green, powdery matcha requires a combination of high-grade plants, healthy soil, and carefully stoned grounded. We use these essential guidelines when sourcing our matcha directly from Japan.

All of our japanese matcha tea are directly sourced from Uji.

The Ceremonial matcha grade is bright green, has a natural sweetness to it and tastes absolutely delicious.

Our Premium matcha powder has with a beautiful green color. This matcha is ideal for lattes, smoothies and recipes.

Matcha is our prefered afternoon pick-me-up here at VIRTUE Tea.


Organic Hibiscus Ginger Lemon Tea

The timing couldn't be better for this immune boost herbal tea!

Dominated by ginger and lemon, slightly spicy and tangy, good hot or cold.

Hot, add a teaspoon of honey to sooth your throat. Cold, make a concentrate to add with pineapple juice on a summer day.

100% organic Ingredients: ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus, sweet orange, lemon myrtle, natural lemon aroma, roasted chicory, lemon, black pepper.


VIRTUE Artisan Tea, it’s exquisite taste, steeped in virtue.

We are Alex Balcer and Andrea Legg, a couple with a penchant for fine quality tea, adventure, community living, and sustainable social change.

We spent many years touring the world with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and CAVALIA ODYSSEO, Alex as a technician and Andrea as a performer. As we travelled, we sought out all types of teas—from smooth sencha green tea in Japan to earthy yerba maté in Argentina to classic Earl Grey in London.

When we set up our home in the mountain town of Nelson, BC, we wanted to harness the power of quality tea and give back to the community. We started Virtue Artisan Tea to provide delicious high-quality tea, directly sourced from small artisan growers in Asia using earth-friendly practices.

A portion of all our proceeds goes toward helping local underserviced at-risk youth access some of the amazing arts and sports-based programming in our community.

Thank you for your support!

Alex and Andrea - founders