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Organic, simple-ingredient fruit-infused water with pure organic caffeine



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H2GO variety pack

Ditch unwanted side-effects, with pure natural caffeine

Natural caffeine co-occurs with particular vitamins & antioxidants to balance the lift & fall of the energy delivery, improving physical performance and increasing mental focus for a longer period of time while reducing the side effects/crashes of synthetic caffeine in sodas and traditional energy drinks.

Case of 12 Apple Cinnamon H2GO energy waters

h2go consists of only 3 ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Fruit Flavors, and Pure Organic Caffeine.

No preservatives, chemicals, or ingredients you can’t pronounce - just a clean and simple product with a crsip, refreshing taste.

ZERO Calories, ZERO Sugar, ZERO Artificial Sweeteners


Our mission is to make energy feel good. We strive to help consumers perform at their peak mental and
physical state while maintaining balance, focus, and control. We want to make a positive daily impact as
the better energy choice for both your body and our environment.

H2GO aim to provide consumers with a healthier, simpler energy alternative to meet the needs of active lifestyles. We provide an organic, simple-ingredient fruit-infused water with pure organic caffeine to avoid the side effects of traditional caffeinated drinks including soda, coffee, and energy drinks.

The h2go team is based in beautiful Burlington, VT where the local culture embodies the passion and values of the company. We strive to inspire people to do good and feel good by making conscious choices that are better for themselves, our society, and the planet!

∙ h2go is bottled in a paper based, 100% recyclable pack made of >70% renewable resources with a compostable, plant-based cap.
∙ Our bottle has a smaller carbon footprint than a 750 ml plastic bottle. It is responsible for 75% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and 50% less waste.
∙ Producing our packs generates lower fuel emissions due to a lighter shipping weight & being shipped on large, flat rolls that take up way less space than bottles or cans!
∙ We strive for a higher social impact

h2go is Certified Organic, non-GMO project Verified, and a member of 1% for the Planet

∙ USDA Organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances.